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Tips for Dog Knee Injury Recovery

Most pet owners spend enough time with their dogs to determine if something is not right. These incidents often occur when the pet is alone. The signs and symptoms, however, are noticeable. This is true whether you have a small or large dog. A reduction in running or walking is one sign that an injury may have occurred. Methods for dog knee injury recovery are important to promote healing.

dog knee injury recovery

Extremely active dogs don’t enjoy being limited in their activity. It may be necessary, however to prevent them from doing more damage. There are times when these knee injuries are completely minor. The recovery time is usually short during these incidences. Serious accidents to the knee will be different. Consulting with your veterinarian is a good way to make sure your dog recovers well.

Monitor Dog’s Behavior

If your dog is limping or favoring one leg over the other, an incident has likely occurred. This is a problem especially for breeds that love jumping from heights. Minor injuries have been known to work themselves out over a short period of time. Symptoms that last longer could be a sign of serious problem or injury.

Limit Activity

Once a dog has experienced a knee injury, it is usually necessary to limit their activity. This is helpful when it comes to preventing further damage. At the same time, this is a process that encourages full recovery from injury. It is important to remember that your pet may not like being limited. Special treats and toys may make things better overall.

Respond to Pain

A part of the monitoring process will certainly involve responding to pain. If you hear signs of pain from your pet, it is important to respond. Contacting your veterinarian is one way to be sure that there is not a larger problem. Just like treating an ailing child, it is important to monitor the activity of a sick dog. Your pet is unable to tell you specifically what they are feeling.

In this case, pet owners have to pay special attention to signs and unusual behavior. In some instances, this may require another visit to the vet. Knee braces and other effective pet products are useful to keeping your dog safe.