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Gluten Free Cooking Tips

Use the tips below if you want to make cooking GF easier than you thought possible. Some people think that they will not be able to make this transition because it’s too hard or because they’re uncertain what foods they can now enjoy. Put those worries to a rest with the information below.

Recipes for Enjoyment

You can find a number of gluten free recipes online, from friends, in cookbooks, and elsewhere. Notice the ingredients in these recipes and visit the supermarket to purchase these items. Living gluten-free doesn’t mean that you are no longer eating good. It simply means you’re eating better. You can eat eggs and bacon, omelets, and many other breakfast foods. Chicken fried rice, corn tortillas, spanish rice, grilled chicken, pork chops and so many other lunch and dinner options exist. Quinoa and polenta are two versatile foods found in many pantries.

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Recipe Modification

You may find recipes that you like but wish to modify them slightly or even significantly. You can do this by replacing regular flours with GF flours. It is best to find gluten free recipes that have already made the transitions, however. Doing so will save time and ensures accurate measurements. This is especially important for those who are not familiar around the kitchen but can help everyone.

General Tips for Cooking:

·    Go gluten-free with a friend. It is always better when there are two people and you’ll enjoy the company.

·    Make your dry mixes before they’re needed. Write the ingredients on the bag and you’ve saved yourself a lot of time.

·    When you modify recipes, be sure to jot down the modifications on the recipe or in the cookbook.

·    Keep an eye in the oven, especially when you first make the transition to GF. Some of the flours labeled GF seem to have faster cooking times and you’ll need to make proper adjustments to avoid overcooking.

·    Keep a variety of flours and gluten free staples in the kitchen so you’re always prepared to cook any meal that you desire at any time.

With the information above in mind, it is much easier to make the GF transition without enduring any headache or hassle in the process. You need to make this transition as simple as possible and this is one of the easiest ways that it is done. Do not forego using these tips in your new GF endeavors.