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Characteristics of a Great Website

What makes a great website? We are asked this question all the time, and we thought that it was time for us to make an article about it for all of you. We want you to know all the little details that we think will help you immensely if you are wanting to set up your own website, or even if you are hoping to hire a website design company to do the job for you. Now what makes a website great? There are a few things, and we can list them for you right now.

The number one quality that you want in a site is performance. A lot of people will tell you that you should focus on the visuals, but those come second. The most visually appealing site that struggles to load on most connections and computers is useless. Why? Because most people going on the site will never see the great things that are on the site, and others will just give up halfway through and not even bother with it. They will go somewhere else for the information that you wanted, and you will have lost customers. Make sure your site performs well.

The second characteristic is the overall aesthetic. You have to make sure that a top website design company is crafting your site. You want it to not only look great, but you also want it to be on brand. That means your site should have an aesthetic and appearance that matches your company. If you have a site that looks great, but does not fit with what your company is about, then it will just confuse people. For instance, if you have a company that makes health supplements and your site has this flashy and over the top aesthetic, it will only make you seem like a less legitimate company.

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The final factor that we have to talk about is the performance on the site on different platforms. There are far too many cases where companies get their site designed and they only worry about how it will look on desktops. And when you look at the mobile site, it either does not load or it looks awful. That is a huge mistake. Mobile users are 50 percent or more of the people who will be visiting your site online. You have to ensure that you have two versions of your site, and both of them have the above characteristics that we discussed.